Rare Like Diamonds: Places You Never Know They Exist & They Will Give You An Amazing Experience

When you think of taking a vacation, it’s fun if you can find some unique experiences. When you have some experiences that most of the other people don’t have, you will enjoy them. It’s something most people don’t get to realize in their lifetime. 

This is because, time over time, we are replicating the same experience. These days, people even plan their wedding as a vacation. However, a destination wedding can be overwhelming to plan. Check out www.jennifertolentoevents.com to help you plan your big day. This article will share with you the top two great places for your destination wedding.

  1. Kerry, Ireland 

If you love sightseeing, where else would you go apart from Kerry, Ireland. It’s the place to go to when you want to travel. Whether you have been there before or it is just your first time, you will surely love Kerry. 

It offers the most breathtaking sites you can ever visit around the world. Ideal for wedding photos! 

The region’s coasts, lakes, and mountains will leave you wanting more. It’s a perfect destination that you can’t miss carrying a camera when you traveling to. This is because you will have a lot to capture and memories to store from the visit to the region. 

And before you could leave, visit the Killarney National park. Have a game drive in the region and enjoy the amazing experience you will get from it. You will see all animals that you have always wished to see around in the region. 

And when you want to stay away from the jungle, go to Dingle. This is a unique small town that will add charm to your travel. In this town, you will be treated to an experience you have never gotten elsewhere, and probably you won’t get elsewhere. It’s a place you don’t want to miss when you are in Kerry. 

In short, if you love a touch of adventure and great experiences, then don’t leave Kerry Ireland when you are creating your bucket list. This is because it will give you an experience that you will never get when you choose any other place. 

  1. Marrakesh, Morocco 

If you love to see historical sites, then Marrakesh, Morocco, is the place to visit. It’s a city that has lasted for the ancients. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world. Thanks to the way it’s foundations were well constructed and preserved over time. 

One thing that you will love and notice immediately when you visit Marrakesh is the ancient wall. It’s a walled city that has great palaces, mosques, and lush gardens. These are some of the things that you won’t find elsewhere when you travel around. 

The city is commonly known as the Red City. This name comes after its bricks’ color that has built the walls surrounding the entire city. 

Inside the city, you will find the famous Medina. Medina, over time has been made the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. 

So, if you love history, Morocco is the place to visit. You will be amazed by how this place has been preserved over time. How the ancient kingdoms built structures that have lasted for all these years is still a mystery. Visit and see for yourself. 

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